“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – 5 Secrets New Management Companies Won’t Tell You

by admin on November 19, 2009

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You know that new management company that will say or do anything to get your business? They have some secrets that you should know about and they are hoping that you won’t ask.

1. “We really don’t have the experience that we say we have”.

Our experience consists of banking, real estate sales, construction or some related business. We believe that this qualifies us to manage your association and besides, our fee is so low, you shouldn’t complain about our mistakes!

2. “Our Administrative Department is really me, my kids and my dog”.

We will get to your letters, violations and ARC approvals whenever we can fit them in, or when the kids get done with their homework. We have more important things to do than your correspondence.

3. “Thank God for technology! As you cannot tell that I don’t have an office”

Cell phones, faxes, scanners, email, voice mail and answering machines all help to mask the fact that I am working out of my house, as I cannot afford rent or a staff at this time. Hopefully, if all goes well, I may have one in the future and when I do I will ask you to visit my real office. In the meantime, I will come to your place.

4. “I really cannot afford that casualty insurance, workmen’s compensation insurance and the fidelity bond that you want me to have”

In the meantime, can I just go on your insurance? After I become successful, I promise I will get the insurance and the bond. I will even show you proof of the insurance too!

5. “Bookkeeping? No problem. Jeez, I can barely balance my check book!”

I just bought a program and the salesperson said it would do what I wanted, whatever that is? Seriously, how difficult can doing your books be? I am sure that you have a CPA that can pull it all together at end anyway.

We have an article at the APM News that can help you when choosing a management company. http://tinyurl.com/yajw5qn We also have a handy form that you can use when comparing management company quotes for management of your community association. Email us at apmnews@assocpropmgt.com and we will get the form to you.

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