12 Must Have Items for Your Next Annual Meeting

by admin on December 1, 2009

in Documents, Meetings, Statutes

We are now in the Annual Meeting Season and it is never too late to be prepared.  The following are materials and/or information that you should have at any Annual Meeting:

  1. Meeting Notice, Agenda, and Proof of Notice.
  2. Proxies, Ballots, Envelopes, Signature Envelopes.
  3. Alpha Sign-In Sheet, Signs A-L and M-Z.
  4. Minutes of Last Year’s Annual Meeting.
  5. Copy of Documents and Amendments.
  6. Copy of Last Financial Statement and Delinquent List.
  7. Law Procedures on Elections and Annual Meetings.
  8. Ballot Box.
  9. Signature Cards and Corporate Resolution.
  10. Report of Officers and Committees.
  11. Copy of Applicable Statutes.
  12. Copy of Robert’s Rules of Order

Use this check list for your association’s Annual Meeting and be prepared, as never before.

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