Remember, it’s Not About You, it’s About the Association

by admin on March 25, 2010

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It's About the Association, It's Not About You

Throughout the year, we see individuals who get on their Board for the sole purpose of getting the association to do something that they want done.  It may be a pet project that will help improve their unit, or to enhance one of their special interests.  And in some cases, it can be something as blatant as getting new landscaping, an improved entranceway or the buildings painted, all in the hope that these improvements will help them sell their units, so they can leave!

I am not saying that these improvements are not important, but the motivation and timing of the implementation of these improvements may be wrong and that person who wants these items accomplished is not thinking about what might be important for the overall common good of the association.

Over the years we also see people get involved with their association in some capacity, get on a committee, or head-up a special project.  At some point, these volunteers will get some resistance from the Board, criticism from the owners, or they are denied that they were wrong or they are negated in some fashion.  With that this person is highly offended; they are upset at what has happened and most of all, they do not want to contemplate anything other than what they want or think is important.

In both instances, these “community volunteers” are ignoring that they are just a small part of the whole.  Yes, they are the ones volunteering their time and effort, but what is best for the association?  It is important to take a broad view and evaluate what is best for the association and the residents on a long term basis, coupled with staying in compliance with state statutes, the documents and finally within the bounds of the operating budget.

Maybe their project should be deferred or maybe rethought.  Maybe it was not practical at this time for monetary reasons.  Whatever the reason, it is not the end of the world.  As a Board member, committee person or volunteer, don’t take it personally and most all, remember, it is not about you, it’s about the association.

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