15 Common Complaints about Homeowners’ Associations

by admin on March 11, 2010

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Common HOA Owner Complaints

Nationwide homeowners’ associations have a poor reputation with the public. Due to the actions of a few individuals I am sure that there have been abuses, mismanagement and waste.  In Florida, I believe that owners may be happier with their HOA, as we have better statutes and oversight, an engaged membership and a longer history of this form of living than in most states. 

Over the years, the statutes have slowly closed gaps in regulations or made it very difficult for Board of Directors of homeowners’ associations to abuse their powers, as it may have been done in the past.  In an HOA, elections can still be manipulated due to the election process and the use of general proxies.  Further, if there is a nominating committee allowed, the greatest abuses will occur there.

Below are the 15 most common complaints (not in any specific order) about homeowners’ associations:

1.         Wasting association funds

2.         Selective enforcement of rules

3.         Unable to access records

4.         Assessments too high

5.         Communications are spotty or poor

6.         Hostile environment

7.         Management misuse of assessments

8.         Fair Debt Collection practices not being followed

9.         Elections being manipulated

10.       Association attorney favoring Board

11.       Withholding use of facilities or services

12.       Poorly written documents

13.       Meetings being held in secret

14.       Maintenance of common grounds is poor

15.       ACC Policies are not consistent

I am sure that all of us could add additional complaints to this list.  Overall, from my point of view, homeowners’ associations are run pretty well by a very few volunteer individuals who put their time and efforts into an entity that benefits many.  

If the recipients of this hard work would get more involved in the operations of their association, be more aware of and conversant in the documents and state statutes, then maybe this complaint list would be smaller.

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