The ABC’s of being a Great Board Member

by admin on April 8, 2010

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ABC's of a Great Board Member

Being on a Board of Directors of a community association can be very rewarding to yourself and to your association.  Great Board members seem to have the following qualities and deportment.  They seem to always be engaged, available and willing to listen to other ideas when tackling a problem.  These types of Board members seem to be able to solve problems well.  They also are able to do what is best for the association in the long term.  The following are our ABC’s of being a great Board member in a community association:

Attend – Meetings, Committees, Events and Block Parties.
Agree – To disagree if you must, in terms of what is best for the association.
Abide – By the association’s rules, regulations, state and federal laws.
Authenticate – Backgrounds/history without discrimination.
Applaud – Board members and membership accomplishments.
Affirm – Positive statements and member actions.
Ability - To delegate and share responsibilities.
Allow – For differences in styles and debate.
Attention – To issues with Board members, unit owners, contracts and details.
Accessibility – Make yourself available to members, unit owners and management.

Balance – Your duties and opinions.
Benevolence – Show it to all that you come in contact with.
Beneficial – Consider benefits to all involved.
Be – A team player with your fellow Board members.
Background – Check all references on contractors and future employees.
Beautification – Strive for this in your community and in your home.
Build – On knowledge learned and gleaned from others.
Basics – When things begin to go awry, return to basics and the cause/effect.
Bear in mind – Others’ opinions, perspective, input.
Behave – To the best of your ability toward members, owners and management.
Budget – For the operations, savings, reserves and always for emergencies.

Cooperate – With Board members, unit owners and management.
Coordinate – Duties with association Board members, employees and contractors.
Communicate – With Board members, unit owners, management, and contractors.
Consideration – Of all sides of issues, controversies and situations.
Conduct – Yourself well at all times. Especially at Board and member meetings.
Credit – Give credit where it is due – especially to owners and team members.
Calm - Keep calm during hectic periods, and trying and stressful times.
Coolheaded - Do not lose your temper at any time.
Compassion – Be compassionate to others, as they are different than you.
Compliance – To association rules, Robert’s Rules of Order, laws and regulations.
Creative – Be creative with your problem solving, input, education.

I am sure that you can come up with other ABC’s of being a great Board member and I believe that we can all strive to improve in any of these areas that we just defined. Where do you stack up on these ABC’s?

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