A Series: Roles of Each Position on a Board of Directors – The Vice President

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Vice President

The following is a part in a series of descriptions of the roles and duties of each officer on a Board of Directors. Previously, we wrote about the role that a President plays on a Board of Directors and in this article we will discuss the role of a Vice President.  An effective Board of Directors works together as a unit in carrying out the duties, roles and responsibilities of the Association. The Association documents and state statutes define and set forth the duties and roles of each Board member.  Each and every Board member has a function and a role for their Association to function and operate well.  

First, each Board member should read and understand their Association Documents, as the articles and bylaws should be specific in what is expected of being on the Board and exactly what their fiduciary duty will be.  For associations that have poorly written documents that exclude officer duties, I suggest reading Robert’s Rules of Order, as they have great information on this to follow and guide you.

Each Officer should have a place on the Agenda for Reports of the Officers, and for their report they will detail the activities of their position at each Board Meeting.  It is also a good idea to have each officer be on each Association committee, or at least, have each committee report to a certain Board member.  The following is a description of the roles and duties of the Vice President on a Board of Directors of a community Association.

The Vice President of a community Association is usually the person deemed to assume and perform the duties and responsibilities of the President during the President’s absence.  In many documents you may see the following phrase, “the Vice President may perform other duties that may be requested by the Board of Directors from time to time”.  This generally means that the Vice President may be asked to oversee and be in charge of any special projects for the Association or oversee certain committees while serving on the Board.  The Vice President may have other talents and capabilities and may also perform the duties of another officer, if the documents do not forbid this.  This may occur when this person has a business, technical or financial background and can be used elsewhere, such as the Treasurer.  Check your Documents on whether or not if officers can serve two positions on the Board.

Depending on the size, structure and the talents and capabilities of the other Board members of your community Association, the Vice President may or may not have an active role to play.  However, whatever the case, the Vice President should remain flexible, ready to pitch in, not only in the President’s absence but in whatever capacity that can contribute to help keep things operating smoothly.  In the future, let the Documents, the wishes of the Board, and good common sense guide the person who takes on the role and responsibility of the Vice President of your community Association.

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